Is Xprexity University a Scam? 1.1

Hello and welcome to my review of the Xprexity University, they are an affiliate marketing company that provides training in a variety of Internet marketing topics. From affiliate marketing to building sites, covering a lot of topics, but their training is good and there are better alternatives? Hopefully, after reading this review, you will have an answer to these two questions.

I was actually the first contact with the world of affiliate marketing Xprexity University, your sales page made it seem it would be easy to earn a six-figure in $ salary with their training.

I was new and very naive when someone tells you that making money online is easy and all you need do is follow your system and pay them a small fee, he was too good of an opportunity to pass up. I mean who does not want to become rich with a minimal amount of work?

Unfortunately, as will be seen from this review, my experience with them was not exactly rosy and later I learn that the business model is operating under very unethical.

Xprexity University Review
It’s still kind of fog how on earth it landed on one of its pages slippery destination. I still remember I was looking for ways to start business e-commerce and somehow I found myself watching Stuart Ross (the co-founder SFM) on a tropical island living the life you would not mind and I said it was possible if he continued his system.

You can see the video below, it sounds cringe-worthy now, but at that time I was new to affiliate marketing and more than willing to believe it was easy to succeed online.

It was a very persuasive video and quickly enrolled in the free video series 7 days.

The owners are Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, both of which I would like to know later have a history of running MLM companies do not last.

Not that should be held against them, I admire people who get up after a failure and seem to succeed no matter what.

I wish I knew of his previous companies and seen the promotional videos running, I would have had a clearer idea of ​​what they were selling the idea and took a more informed decision whether to join or not.

Celia Success is from USA, both had individual success in the online world, Stuart was a successful affiliate marketer and Success was doing well in the MLM industry

joined forces nearly a decade ago and after some initial struggles, founded Xprexity University.

The Xprexity University aims to provide an online platform for entrepreneurs who give them the tools, training and support to start an online business or even help any business grow online that people can have.

They claim to teach you how to be an affiliate and earn commissions on high ticket by promoting their products. Although this is not necessary, training focuses primarily on promoting EEE products.

They preach the only true way to make money is through affiliate marketing high ticket. One of the hooks is to believe that only much effort it takes to sell an item with the bass as an expensive item does and why you should only focus on affiliate sales high ticket price.

Of course, I later found out this was rubbish, but are convincing and reel with the thought of winning big affiliate commissions only 1 sale.

The Xprexity University has 2 levels of membership.

Free access – You get access to free videos, free courses, free products

Here I just want to point out the misleading nature of these network marketing companies.

In the real web site Xprexity University, description of members is very simple and not overdone.

However, they have a page of additional sales for this membership and is led to believe that includes everything you need to go from zero to 6 figures and the actual cost of the product is $ 500 !!

Trust me, after testing the system, not worth the price they charge not to mention what they say is actually worth.

The core membership – fee of $ 105 per month will give you access to all tools and everything on the site.

In addition essential – $ 1000 per year, the number of essential need to sign up members. With this membership, you get access to everything

Xprexity University Training
I went through the training and I noticed the tone changed, and not to be rich quick, but now it will take time and that success does not come quickly.

I totally agree with that statement, although I just said that when first landed in one of your sales pages where Stuart implied that this was going to be easy.

Still, I thought that if I kept training was going to see success.

Therefore, I have followed and completed many of its short courses, which have many courses, and almost all of them teach you a lot. Most video tutorials are more than 3 minutes, so most of it was very basic and videos are been uploaded.

These short courses are part of its program of DEA (Digital Experts Academy), I’ll get to later.

They had a hosting service where you can install a WordPress blog or build any type of website you want.

His forum was a bit quiet, it was not very active, nor was his Facebook group.

If you don’t stop attending the weekly live training, you will be learning from them and found it very easy to operate.

High ticket products
I mentioned that the DEA platform had several high-priced products. But you will find it in a lesser price here.

If you are eligible for commissions on these products, you can get anything between $ 300- $ 2000 per month.

Of course, despite what they say, the sale of these products is very easy.

So, what are these products and what buyers get for them?

My experience
Because I was new to this whole field of internet marketing and did not know the true extent of the tactics of affiliate marketing, I was so active in the promotion and believed their message and training.

I honestly thought I had found a gold mine, was even more impressed when I did fill out an application form.

I thought ‘wow these guys are serious, I’m actually on my way to financial independence’ I was in for a rude awakening.

Anyway, excited that my financial situation was about to be changed for the better, I started attending the daily training on telegram, where they would give good training on how to make it work for you and how to make real money with the platform.

They preach a lot to get into the right mood to start an online business and I think this is good advice to take.

But I also believe that preach this so that you buy all your products. But if you upgrade, no need to nuy again. You will have access to everything.

You can also talk to one of his business consultants, who are more like sales consultants trying to get you to upgrade your membership to the elite.

Although thinking back now and knowing what I now know about the industry, the consultant I spoke with was not pushy at all.

final thoughts
Xprexity University is a scam? No, actually it has some sort of decent training, but the price you pay for that is too high from my experience.

I am grateful to Xprexity University for introducing me to the world of Internet marketing, but did not live up to the expectations eyes were opened to what is possible in this industry.

I would like to promote Xprexity University? Not likely, like other network marketing companies that peddle products forming means ridiculous prices.

For training there any real substance to it, which is well priced beyond the reach of most people.

You can join as a free affiliate, but you will be limited to what can promote.

It will be super fast to succeed in this type of business opportunities is if you have a high advertising budget and if you have a low budget or no budget follow their training to learn more on how to start earning.

There are much better ways to start an online business. But I guarantee you these if you can have a good persistence and hard working.

If you want to join, join through this link

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