December 24, 2017
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December 24, 2017
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Eyelash Stapler


The Eyelash Stapler lets you achieve that natural-looking eyelashes with just one quick application. It gives instantly sexy & flirty eyes that are bold, fuss free & fresh. This applicator dispenses false lash buds & allows you to customize any length you want. This works amazing. Benefits: The unit holds 40 lash buds plus an extra four to play This applicator is different from anything else out there & promises instant, hassle-free glamour-on-the-go No need to touch your lashes or glue when applying, definitely no mess Portable design & easy application How to use: STEP 1: SCROLL to prime the tool STEP 2: LOCK. When the lash is exposed halfway, press the top button to click closed and hold lashes in place STEP 3: GLUE. Brush lash glue on the end of the lash buds. Blow & wait 20-30 seconds until the glue is sticky STEP 4: APPLY to your lash line STEP 5: RELEASE. Press the bottom button to unlock & release false lashes Caution: Avoid contact of false lashes or applicator directly into the eye Package include: 1 x Eyelash Stapler

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