Top Best Free WordPress Blog Themes 2019

Without a doubt, one of the best things about WordPress is the fact that it is open source and therefore free to use. All that an intelligent and ingenious site owner needs to create a unique, functional and attractive site is a registered domain and a server, resulting in a low monthly total cost.

Of course, to allow WordPress to live up to its potential as the basis for an exquisite website, you’ll need a WordPress theme.

It is true that in recent years many of the most commented topics are those that come with a premium price tag attached. For many beginner bloggers, and also for the experienced, an expensive issue is simply not in the letters. Unless and until your blog produces enough income, it can be difficult to justify the expense of a premium theme.

But if you are trying to create a great WordPress blog with a startup budget, there is good news. Many great WordPress blog themes that are perfect for blogs are completely free.

We have gathered a collection of more than 20 of the best free WordPress blog themes below. Our criteria were direct. The topics had to be clean, content-focused and well coded.
And we are sure that no matter in which niche you are blogging, you will find a topic here that will work for you.

Top 1 best free wordpress blog theme: Cali

The Cali WordPress blog theme is beautiful and free and offers a great blog or magazine website for anything from travel to fashion. At first glance, you will notice that Cali offers a responsive design for viewing on smaller devices. Not only does this improve your user experience, but search engines will take note and enhance your search results. In addition, Cali has an amazing format, with large photography locations and plenty of white space for visitors to breathe. It looks like an online magazine (with several points to link to your articles), but it reduces the general disorder and the intimidating nature of a magazine. Several widgets are provided with Cali.

These can be placed in areas such as the sidebar, header, and footer. For example, you might want a widget box that talks about the author and explains the history of the blog. It is available in the About Me widget, which you would probably place in your sidebar. The carousel is one of the main features of Cali, as it allows you to share a beautiful series of photographs. You have options to show certain publications, hide thumbnails and delete publication dates and authors.

In the options module, this wordpress blog theme (Cali) offers numerous settings to adjust the appearance of your website. For example, you may want to change your colors to better match your logo colors. We also like the fact that you can set certain fonts to make your words stand out and look more like your brand. Social buttons are also included with the Cali WordPress blog theme. The theme has two positions to place your social media buttons. One of them is on his logo, so he can pressure people to follow him in places like Facebook and Twitter. Another reason we enjoy the theme so much is the integration of WooCommerce.

This add-on automatically converts your blog into an e-commerce website. This means that you can start selling products or merchandise to your fans. Google fonts are useful for changing your typography, while the tools ready for translation are there to ensure that all your visitors can understand what is said in your articles. Many people also like the live customizer, which is perfect for those who don’t want to waste time with any coding. Finally, you can expect support for several browsers and fast customer support when you opt for this free and modern WordPress theme.

Top 2 best free wordpress blog theme Olsen Light

Developed by Anastis Sourgoutsidis, Olsen (wordpress blog theme) Light is a crisp white shirt with a WordPress blog theme. Completely friendly to the blog, Olsen Light is full width, clean and visually impressive, attracting the attention of its visitors to its content.
Perfect for blogs related to photography, Olsen Light lends itself well to a number of niches. You can choose between a right sidebar design or a full-width template.

This wordpress blog theme offers simple customization through the new and improved WordPress Customizer. You can upload logos, a site favicon, customize and configure pagination styles, and more through the Customizer options. You can also implement a visually striking carousel of images on your home page if you wish.

The topic makes connecting to your Google Analytics account a relatively simple process. In addition, Olsen Light offers three custom widgets: a profile box “on the author”, a social icon box and a widget to customize the display of your recent publications.

You can configure and display options for sharing on social networks for your publications and pages directly from the topic, without the need for an additional add-on. It also integrates with Instagram, although you will need an add-on to take advantage of this option.

The subject is ready to translate. Instead of having to translate individual text strings in each file for your templates, you can edit a single file and you’re done.

It is promised that the design will be “ready for the retina” with a crisp and perfect pixel display on monitors and retina screens. And the code is optimized for optimal page load times, which is important for search engine optimization and user experience.

A premium version is also available for purchase with additional features, including WooCommerce support, eleven additional design options, more web fonts to choose from, extended color customization options and more. The Premium version also offers priority support, although even users of the free version can access forum-based support and assistance.

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