Xprexity University Affiliate VS Affilorama Review 0.01

Xprexity University Affiliate Program vs Affilorama, which one is better? There is only one way to find out.

It’s time we put these two giants affiliate marketing to test and review Xprexity University Affiliate Program vs Affilorama go to him face to face in this affiliate program.

I have spent the last 3 years developing a portfolio of blogs that earn me $ 6,000 + a month now and show others how to do the same.

I have been a Premium member of both Xprexity University Affiliate Program and Affilorama affiliates and often ask me: “What is the best course of affiliate marketing training for beginners”

On the surface, both have the same appearance. Both teach beginners how to start building a full time income for yourself through the wonderful world of online business.

But dig a little deeper and see the training, tools and support they offer are very different. So let’s put them both in the ring and see who is standing at the final round.

What is better – Xprexity University Affiliate Program or Affilorama

Xprexity University Affiliate Program?
First, let’s take a look at what is available to members, here’s a quick comparison of what they offer.

Quick View:
Both Xprexity University Affiliate Program and affiliates Affilorama teach you how to become a successful affiliate marketer. At a basic level, which are real judged teach methods and construction of a revenue stream line it has proven to work tested.

Nor are scams.

Affilorama is better than 90% of affiliate marketing programs out there, but it feels like you’re best days are behind them …

The site is empty, there’s nobody there. Training is confusing and out of date and the owner is too busy with their other products to invest time and energy into making Affilorama everything it could be. The glory days are behind it.

In my opinion, Xprexity University Affiliate Program is the best choice, although it is very cheap compared to Affilorama, by quite a margin.

Both membership options starting and Premium offer great value. Training, website builders and housing state of the art are worth more than the number of members.

I think anyone who takes massive action in the Xprexity University Affiliate Program will succeed. You have all the tools and resources you need under one roof and access to help and support you need as you start your new business.

Xprexity University Affiliate Program are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, constantly improving the service they provide and have yet to reach their peak. I’ve been to a Premium member for 3 years and have to say something.

My advice? Not a member of Xprexity University Affiliate Program, test drive the system for free and see for yourself how they can help you achieve your revenue goals online.

I have been an Xprexity University Affiliate member for 2 years to see the results of my visit:

My rich history of successful affiliate: Challenges and setbacks

What we will see in this review
Round 1: The Founding

Round 2: Free Trials and high prices

Round 3: Quality of training

Round 4: Tools and Resources

Round 5: Community & Support

Final Round Knockout: Who bears the title?

Round 1: The founders
Xprexity University Affiliate Program vs affilorama founders and owners of the first things to look at when deciding whether or not to join a program is the track record and credibility of the owners.

So let’s see men who created and spearhead of these two programs.

successful in their own right, businessmen billionaires worth to note that both Affilorama Wealthy Affiliate and Xprexity University Affiliate Program have existed for more than 3 years.

In a shadow full of scams that do not last more than a year filled industry, this is definitely a good sign.

which it is the mark lingin the blue corner we have Affilorama founder Mark Ling. He is an experienced affiliate marketer based in New Zealand that has been running profitable businesses online since 1999.

He is a well known Internet marketer and an international speaker who is respected in his field.

It was launched in 2006 and Affilorama grow to more than 300,000 members and heads a team of 29 members.

Xprexity University Affiliate Program
IKyle Affiliaten founder of the rich red corner we have co-founders Xprexity University Affiliate Program and they launched Xprexity University Affiliate Program a few years ago and have grown thousands of members.

Carson founder of Xprexity University Affiliate Program offers all depth video tutorials and training courses and is very active within the community of Xprexity University Affiliate Program.

Carson, with a background in computer science, works mostly behind the scenes tweaking the engine Xprexity University Affiliate Program to improve and redefine the user experience.

Round 2: Free Trials and high prices
Xprexity University Affiliate Program vs affiliate affilorama free trials and costs of membership and premium membership sites offer memberships free prices both, start with the option to upgrade to a premium membership. Affilorama also has added additional sales.

So let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both programs and see if it really worth the price they are asking.

Start free membership: $ 0 for all the time you want.

Premium Membership: $ 105 per month

Affilorama members free starter
Affilorama Account gets you 93 training videos with downloadable scripts, all presented in bullet form making them easy to understand.

Training is not very organized (discussed below) and some of the training is not updated. But hey, it’s free and there are some good things in there. Beginners very low cost might be able to shine some value from them.

There is also a forum where you can ask questions. Unfortunately, it seems very active and you can expect to wait 3 days for a response. You can find your question already answered in forum posts older so you could still find useful.

affilorama premium membership
I decided to take Affilorama in its offer the first month of the premium for $ 1 to get full access – what a disappointment!

This is what you get:

19 training videos (50% of them have nothing to do with affiliate marketing)
limited web hosting up to 15 domains
Articles 30 private license fees per month so you can copy or modify it slightly and put them on your website (NEVER do this!)
Remember that members pay $ 68 per month for this ($ 816 per year / $ 2.23 a day). That’s $ 19 a month more wealthy affiliate. The truth is I expected much more. Okay so I paid $ 1, but still, I would be charged $ 68 per month for a few videos that I do not really think a higher price tag deserves.

Additional sales in additional sales …
This is where Affilorama starts to get a little more complicated so stick with me. Inside the member area you will see flags that promote AffiloBlueprint ($ 197) and AffiloJetpack ($ 997).

If the costs of these additional sales are added, along with their subscription premium monthyl, you will have to spend more than $ 2,000 in its first year of full access …!


It is a ‘step by step video course teaching novices how to become successful internet marketers.’ Funny that, I thought that’s what the premium membership was?


AffiloJetpack offers made-for-you websites that come with prewritten content and emails you can use in your marketing compaigns email. For $ 997 you get 3 e-books, emails and 12 sets of 20 items publicly available that can be rotated.

Although the idea of ​​having a ‘web-business-in-a-box page’ may sound tempting, it should be avoided. It is not only ridiculously expensive, but with everyone buying the same items, you do not have a single value. In fact, you are killing any chance you have of ranking in Google, traffic and making sales.

Google has updated its algorithms as this training armed and are now much better at detecting duplicate content. simple copy and paste the same items everyone else is using your website will be blacklisted as using duplicate content, letting the owner of a website worthless and $ 997 worse off.

I have a problem with additional sales. I understand why companies do – that much money from you as possible contract, but it is not an honest way to run a business.

It’s like a carrot dangling in front of someone and say “If you just take a step further (and pay a little more), then you can really learn how to build an online business.”

Why can just do it all in your premium membership? Perhaps it would help justify their high prices. Be transparent, open and honest. I could not even matter whether the quality of training courses affilorama equaled their highest prices, but do not.

[Warning-note] “The truth is that paying $ 997 for this product is just too much we are. This product is not even worth that price due to the fact that you can find all the information that goes into a random search Google for free

Xprexity University Affiliate Program
Free membership $ 0

Premium Membership: $ 105 for the first month, and other months

No Upsells

Free membership Xprexity University Affiliate Program
Once inside the member area you will have instant access to: free courses, free videos, tutorials, free tools and there are unlimited of theses on the site

The keyword tool Xprexity University Affiliate Program – you can use this tool to check data traffic and competition to find the best keywords. All-inclusive in its membership boot (ie, no additional sales!)

Xprexity University Affiliate Program premium membership
I joined Xprexity University Affiliate Program again in 2017 as a member of the free starter (like most people) and because I was very serious about building an online income for me, I easily applied to training and I started building my first Web page.

Only 2 or 3 days later I decided to upgrade to a premium membership Premium and have been a member since.

You can read more about what has happened since here – My experience Xprexity University Affiliate 3 years: successes and failures, challenges and setbacks

With the Premium subscription you have the option to pay monthly or yearly. annual works much cheaper (36% cheaper) because they have not raised the annual price from Xprexity University Affiliate Program launched for the first time in 2017.

$ 105 per month, it works on $ 3.5 per day but not allowed

And all you get as a Member, Premium Members include:

Access to unlimited levels notch training

What I really like about Xprexity University Affiliate Program Premium is that everything you need is already included. Xprexity University Affiliate Program teaches you not only how, but put the tools you need on hand so you can really do.

As I said, I have a Premium member for 3 years and should say something! Earn $ 2,000 a month as a direct result of applying what they taught me in Xprexity University Affiliate Program.

Round 3: Quality of training
Xprexity University Affiliate Program vs affilorama affiliate, Xprexity University Affiliate Program and Affilorama teach the same business model online – make money with affiliate marketing by creating niche websites and grow and learn how to generate traffic and sales.

Only they approach it in two very different ways. Let’s compare and contrast the two forming head to head.

I’m not quite sure what to say about training Affilorama …

That is, the videos are clear and cover the basics so they are suitable for beginners is good. But I can not help but just feel like everything has been thrown together in a “Oh, this is a good item, add it to the page Affilorama right?” Kind of way.

I’m not even kidding, there’s more value in my 10-day trial to make money blogging email course that is in the number of members Affiliarama Premium and it only took me a couple of days to assemble.

It made me think, however, that maybe I could copy and paste my 10 most popular blog entries in a new page and start selling it as an online course. Interesting idea … I’m kidding, of course! But I think this is exactly what they did with Affilorama.

These are the different topics covered in the training:

What you learn in AffiloramaDiscover Affiliate Marketing – 9 lessons video
Market research for affiliate marketers – 8 lessons video
Content Creation – 9 lessons video
Construction – 19 video lessons
marketing ideas – 22 video lessons
SEO (search engine optimization) 11 lessons video
PPC (pay per click) 12 lessons video
Affiliate outsourcing – 3 lessons video
As a result of the ‘throw it all together and see what sticks’ mentality, the end result is finished is a bit random. Training has no beginning or end, you just pick random lessons.

It contradicts training. I’ll give an example. One lesson on SEO says this:

“Use high-quality, original content. High quality content will keep visitors on your site longer. Various search engines (especially Google) pay attention to this, and your site earns kudos for being so obviously interesting. “

And then on the tab content creation lesson is not called ‘easy way to get content for your site’, which reads as follows:

“With the content of article directories that you are free to put in place as long as the content is not edited at all; This includes keeping “bio box” of the author and any links in the content intact. “

It has been to stress the importance of having high-quality, original content to copy and paste from article directories in one fell swoop!

Besides that a lot of the training is only painfully out of date. I’m talking about 10 years out of date. Like picking lessons to go through what you have to dodge the many warning signs like this.

Instead of simply deleting an old lesson or even update it very lightly, apparantely it is just much easier for one of the 29 staff members to stick this in the header.

Xprexity University Affiliate
In sharp contrast, I loved the training courses Xprexity University Affiliate. I found them easy to understand and because I was a beginner, I really liked the systematic, step by step way the course was armed. There is a written tutorials and a tutorial video of Kyle in each lesson.

The course is also very interactive with a section of questions and answers. They will often engage in discussions and help novices get started or give feedback on an idea too.

Each lesson builds on the previous lesson and you really feel like you’re making progress. Probably because they really are!

Each lesson comes with actionable tasks you need to complete before moving on to the next. I think this was my favorite part of this training, because it was convenient and meant we were building something, as we went through the course.

The online certification course has five levels, each level containing 10 magnificent and thoughtful lessons through:

Most importantly, the training is updated regularly, sometimes even daily. There is no mention of unreliable blacklink building strategies or spun article or any other nonsense for ten years.

Only teach what works. I know because I applied and my life has changed as a result.

Oh, and I forgot to mention live training! Everyday at 4pm Xprexity University Affiliateis live, interactive training sessions presented by their admins.

Covering a wide range of topics and with a duration of 60-90 minutes each, you get to ask questions live and get answers from experienced experts who know what they are talking about.

There are also hundreds of sessions trianing video available for playback on any topic you can imagine – these are worth the fee only rich affiliate partner!

Round 4: Tools and Resources
Rico vs affilorama affiliate resourcesIn this round tools and are looking tools each training provider offers within your members area.

If you need a certain tool or software to implement what you are teaching, you have to find externally or make available to?

AffiloTools – A style of analysis tool that can be used to measure how your website is doing in the search engines and social networks.
Limited web hosting – for up to 15 sites to a certain size. Unfortunately you have to buy your domain from another location.
wealthy Affiliate
There are plenty of tools included among its members, including:

Web Builder SiteRubix over 2,000 WordPress themes to choose from.
State of the art unlimited hosting up to 50 sites.
SiteSSL – 256-bit encrypted connections favored by search engines that maintain their safety.
SiteProtect – This spam blocker means no need for additonal plugins.
daily backups website
Health Checker website
research tool keyword
Website Feedback
monitoring tools
SiteSpeed ​​- In April 2017 this will be included on all websites. SiteSpeed ​​times dramatically increase page load, giving a better user experience for visitors to the website and a better position in Google.

Wealthy Affiliate with no need of up-sell because you already have everything you need at your fingertips.

As you go through the training course can build their websites, register domains, they are safely organized to find andget keyword rich content feedback from the member himself. This is a real strength of wealthy affiliate.

Round 5: Community & Support
Affiliate Rico vs affilorama and communityWhen support is learning something new it is very important that you can get support and help when needed. No matter how good the training could be, it is inevitable that at some point you’ll have questions or need some help.

In round 5 we are seeing the active form of community and how easy it is to get support.

So you decide you’re going to deal with this matter jump right. And then you’re there in the members area!

I affilorama remember when I joined as a member and just sat there looking at the screen (see below). There was no clear sign of anything happening at all. “Where are all the members?”, I thought. A bit of a disappointment to say the least!

I found the Forum area of ​​a member but did not seem to be much activity at all. It just looked empty … You can see someone asks you a question and I had to wait 3 or 4 days for a response.

Whatever Affilorama was sometime, not more. It’s a ghost town, there’s no one there. Okay I’m exagerrating, actually there were 6 members there (I was one of them). But I mean no interaction, no discussions or conversations that happen.

Some of the most recent comments and questions were 5 or more years ago. It’s a real shame.

Another strange thing I have noticed in Affilorama showing how the community is deadlocked, it is every time a beginner enters and asks a question, no other member replies. Not a single answer. Only after 3 days will be a staff member’s response.

Wait 3 days for a response? In what will all this? In addition sticking red “this training is not updated” is inscribed and finally reach the round of answering the question from a member because there is nobody else there, what the 29 staff members all day?

I do not mean to be hard but there is no new breakthrough innovations here, nothing happens at all. It feels as if the site peaked 5 years ago and has since been abandoned.

wealthy Affiliate
Affiliate rich live chatMy Wealthy Affiliate first impression was very different. Not only do I love the training, but honestly, I was also surprised by the welcome they gave me.

I completed my profile by adding a profile photo and a short biography then I started telling people notifications were now following me and sending greeting messages.

That same night I remember writing my money goals and share them with the community and people responded quickly with messages of encouragement within minutes.

A couple of weeks later I made my first sale so he blogged about it (users can write blog posts to share their success stories and create training share with the community) and I got an avalanche of responses from well-wishers congratulating me to spend my first major milestone.

Once you’re inside Wealthy Affiliate, you will see for yourself; the level of support and kindness of the community is where this program really shines.

Members are very active, friendly and helpful, which means you can get answers in seconds, not days or weeks. This is a lifeline when you’re learning how to build a new online business!

There are many ways to get support within the members area: live chat, comments areas within each lesson to make a more specific question within one of the 12 classrooms, leaving a message on someone’s profile or sending a direct message to Kyle, Carson wealthy affiliate member or partner.

Final Round Knockout
Rico vs affilorama affiliate is betterWe’ve had 4 rounds and there have been some pretty strong blows out so you will not be surprised when I say that it seems Wealthy Affiliate comes to mind!

It was almost a complete K.O. for Affilorama to be honest, I expected Affilorama be able to defend himself better than he did.

But in the end, Affilorama is outdated, confusing, filled with additional sales and very expensive. The whole program just seems tired.

They have team of staff but I honestly do not know what they do all day. Very lack luster. It could be great. It could be much more than what it is. I guess Mark Ling is too busy working on his other projects …

Affiliate rich on the other hand is lower cost, transparent and gives a learning experience high value to aSpring entrepreneurs.

Add the training courses of concrete actions, innovative tools and state of the art web hosting services with the support of the community and the amazing interaction make Wealthy Affiliate a no-brainer.

affilorama VS. wealthy Affiliate
$ 67 / month (+ upsells) VS. $ 47 / month

$ 2500 / year VS. $ 359 / year

formation and antiquated methods obsolete VS. Step by step interactive training

15 limited accommodation websites VS. 50 unlimited websites hosting

Wait 3 days to support VS. Wait 2 seconds for support

Going it alone VS. 24/7 community support

If you are serious about building an online business the right way, my advice would be to try the rich starter affiliate member for free and see for yourself how they can help you achieve your revenue goals online.

Have you ever been a member of either rich or Affilorama affiliates? What you think? I love to hear your experiences.

You got questions? I ask away in the comments below and always will contact you!

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