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Keep current and potential customers, participating students with less work and manual effort
Remember always send a personalized email to track customers? Do you who your best customers know and continually nurture them toward an additional purchase or insure happiness with his last? Want to know when a student is falling behind or has not yet taken a test? How can you add new content and communicate to your audience? Do your mailing lists based on interest segment?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, follow-ups will change your business for the better. Direct Marketing Association reports that the ROI of email marketing is $ 43 for every dollar spent, which is the most effective marketing channel to drive sales.

Social media is trendy, and follow not far behind. It has yet to become the pilot direct sales emails have proved, but it is extremely powerful as a marketing tool. This is why Twitter follow are integrated into this plugin.

Follow-ups are better engage their clients and students by creating campaigns complex drip based on user interests, of course, and purchase history to drive more purchases and higher participation, all with less effort through multiple marketing channels.

Tracking allows you to:
Tweet e-mail and your customers and prospects
effectively track your emails (open / clicks / send / etc)
Automate your marketing communications, so you can spend more time selling
Track customer value to enhance the knowledge of its customers
Keep abreast of student progress and communicate updates
Create reminders to ensure that communication is lost
Optimize your email marketing spend without extravagant monthly charges
Create and manage mailing lists for a complete 360-degree view of their email marketing
Customize templates for each campaign (or email) to ensure emails will look great on all devices
Customize your emails with labels integrated and combine variables and custom variables support
Improve WooCommerce email system and integrate it into your marketing plan
follow Features
creating simple email
Monitoring uses the WordPress editor to create emails, which means you do not have to learn anything new. How to write a post? You can write an email!

Monitoring group campaigns
Easily group different tweets and emails together in easy to handle campaigns.

Send tweets
Sending a reminder or follow through Twitter is as easy as scheduling an email. We have created a Twitter type to make it easier to keep under control Tweet length too. You can also use our variables included to customize your tweets.

full reports
Do not limit yourself to just know your email was sent. With tracking, you will get detailed reports to help you understand performance.

To know your students, clients and prospects
Get a detailed view of your customers and prospects. View the status of every email sent to a specific email address (client). Whether they have opened a specific email or better yet clicked. Estimate client to view a summary of your orders. Create reminders for yourself, your partners or employees to make a decision on that client.

Gain unparalleled control over their communications
Tracking emails gives you unprecedented insight into the timing of communications. See everything that is programmed into the future, and you can choose to suspend, delete, send now, or let sent as planned.

Want to do more? Wish to integrate their own monitoring application? Using the REST API with all the features included with tracking, you can integrate anything you want and use advanced programmer delivery vehicle tracking and communications.

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