Xprexity University Affiliate Program VS Affilorama 0.02

Xprexity University Affiliate Program and Affilorama are two of the largest platform for affiliate marketing training on the market. Therefore, you may be wondering which one is better for you since you are offering similar food products.

Before you begin, just a quick disclosure that I am a member and affiliate of both Xprexity University Affiliate Program and affiliates Affilorama so I have first hand experience with both platforms.

In this Xprexity University Affiliate Program review VS Affilorama, I just want to offer my honest opinion and comparison of the two platforms to help you decide which is for you. It’s okay?

Xprexity University Affiliate Program Review: Quick comparison
Xprexity University Affiliate Program

Price: $ 105 / month (Premium) + No upsells

Free training: 10 Introduction Lessons to guide you through the basics of affiliate marketing and creating a website for free WA

Premium Training: 50 lessons of intensive training affiliate marketing that covers everything you need to know to run a marketing business successful and profitable affiliate, weekly live webinars, thousands of community training provided by the other members WA

Support: 24/7 both professional support team WA, WA owners and thousands of members worldwide WA

Other resources: website builder, web hosting, the search keyword (all inclusive premium membership)

affilorama logo
Price: Free (Basic) $ 67 / month (Premium) + Upsells

Free training: 80 + video tutorials with written notes covering the basics of setting up your affiliate marketing business, SEO, PPC and interviews

Premium Training: Monthly affiliate marketing resources and subscription-based training including seminars, interviews, etc.

Support: Call & Email support, but did not provide 24/7, almost did not get any support owner directly support thousands of members worldwide affilorama

Other resources: AffilioBlueprint ($ 197), AffiloJetpack ($ 997), AffiloTools (free for members affilorama)

I will personally recommend affiliates rich on Affilorama for the following reasons:

Xprexity University Affiliate Program is much cheaper than Affilorama
But at the same time, training and resources WA are more detailed and updated
WA support is much better than Affilorama (personally I like the professional support 24/7 WA)
There is an area 24/7 live chat Western Australia, where you can get immediate help and

Both platforms have a free membership option that is great. They do not have a limited trial period as well. Which means you can enjoy your free membership for all the time you want. (Ie, lifetime access)

In addition, the two have a Premium subscription period seven days promotion. For Xprexity University Affiliate Program, you can enjoy your first month Premium subscription $ 19 While you can get first Affilorama month Premium subscription only $ 1.

Xprexity University Affiliate Program Subscription charges $ 105 per month and $ 1000 per year. While Affilorama Premium Membership charges $ 69 per month. No annual fee for Affilorama but I have heard that there is a price of membership 3 years $ 497. For this membership 3 years, you will have to contact the Affilorama support for it.

Xprexity University Affiliate Program VS Affilorama: 0.02

Training free training
Xprexity University Affiliate Program has unlimited lessons that are available to free members starter. The classes include:

Rich introduction to affiliate marketing and Affiliation
Understanding how to make money online
Choose a Niche
Building your own niche website
Configuring your website
Getting your site ready for search engines
Creating the initial website content
Creating custom menus on your website
Understanding Keywords
Summary and Upgrade to Premium
Affilorama for its free training includes more than 80 video tutorials with notes written in PDF format covering more affiliate marketing information. These include:

Basics of affiliate marketing
Configuring your domain and web hosting
SEO, email marketing, PPC, etc …
As you can see, Affilorama free training is more comprehensive compared to free training Xprexity University Affiliate Program. Xprexity University Affiliate Program free training is much more limited and more focused on improving Premium subscription.

Training Premium
As for quality training, Xprexity University Affiliate Program is much better than Affilorama as Affilorama Training Premium does not have much more value than their free training. What is included is only a couple of video training and AffiloMagazine including a monthly seminar, interview and some other resources.

On the other hand, Xprexity University Affiliate Program Subscription provides access to everything inside the platform. This includes:

50 lessons affiliate marketing
Weekly live training on topics in advanced Internet marketing
Thousands of community training in a wide range of topics
Basically, there are endless knowledge, you can learn Wealthy Affiliate because there is a new line being added every day and there is a weekly live training by the coach WA.

And one of the biggest difference between WA and Affilorama is that the formation of Xprexity University Affiliate Program are in constant renewal, while forming Affilorama are not. Some Affilorama training are obsolete. This includes the formation of backlinks and content private label right (PLR).

Xprexity University Affiliate Program VS Affilorama: Support

In terms of support, Xprexity University Affiliate Program wins again.

Xprexity University Affiliate Program has a comprehensive support system that includes:

24/7 Technical Support (for any problems you face in your website)
24/7 Live Chat within the community so you can get immediate help at any time
Able to private message to all members so you can get help directly from the more experienced members
discussion areas within each workout so they do not lose in each step
Able to contact private owners of wealthy affiliate if you have any questions

For Affilorama, these are the supports include:

Call support (MF-01 a.m. 5PM EST)
Email support (response within 24 hours)
Forum where you can get help from fellow members of affilorama
As you can see, Xprexity University Affiliate Program has a much broader system that Affilorama secure support.

Xprexity University Affiliate Program VS Affilorama: Other Resources

Xprexity University Affiliate Program
These are additional resources you receive as a member of Xprexity University Affiliate Program FREE:
Research tool keyword free trial
These are the additional resources obtained as Xprexity University Affiliate Program Pro Member:

Up to 25 domains
Free SSL certificates for all your websites
Full access to the search keyword rich affiliate (including SERP analysis, site ranking Research, Research Affiliate Program, etc.)
Web comments and commenting platform that allows people to offer comments and observations on its website site
If you are a premium member, all within WA will be available to you without any additional sales. However, this is not the case for Affilorama. We’ll see…

With Affilorama Premium subscription, you can host up to 15 domains on its platform. Other than that, below are the 3 main resources:

1 AffiloBlueprint ($ 197)

AffiloBlueprint is a step by step detailed 12-week video for guidance on how to set up your affiliate website and how to start your own business affiliate marketing course. There are tasks you can complete every week so you do not miss out.

With AffiloBlueprint have access Affilorama 1 month Premium subscription. However, this is a one-time investment of $ 197 I wonder what is the difference between AffiloBlueprint and Affilorama premium because they are very similar. I also wonder why this video course step is not included in Affilorama Premium. It’s probably just an additional upsell to make money?

Both Xprexity University Affiliate Program and Affilorama are not scams. They are two of the top leading platforms in this affiliate marketing training market.

And both have their own pros and cons. But what I think is more important today is training and support as these are the most important thing for beginners who want to learn affiliate marketing.

For training, Xprexity University Affiliate Program clearly wins Affilorama as some of Affilorama’s training is outdated while Xprexity University Affiliate Program has fresh new content being added and updated every single day.

For support, Xprexity University Affiliate Program again clearly wins Affilorama as they have a very complete and convenient support system for anyone to get help 24/7.

You can join xprexity unversity affiliate program here

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