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Xprexity University Affiliate vs six figure mentors

The Internet is full of information about ways to make money.

You can read what you want and be sucked into all the different types of sales techniques and see all You Tube videos People with laptop on the beach or in high-end vehicles in the background, but here is the question you need to ask yourself:

If your idea is so good, why they are telling someone?

Why not just go ahead and do it themselves and scale up and make millions from it?

Why do you say?

The reason is that they are themselves looking to make money in the way of fees or commissions.

Any opportunity to make money either online or offline you need to look at what is offered and what do you own due diligence.

The fact that there is some form of required payment does not automatically mean that there is something wrong with him. What it does mean is that you just have to access itself if it is right for you and if it’s worth the money asked.

Unfortunately, there has been a big trend in the use of the word “SCAM”.

Of course there are scammers out there and always will be, people who are selling false dreams and are just looking to fleece you.

It is very important that you tar is not all in the same bag and assume that everyone is “trying to hurt” because that is simply not true and if this view you will never do anything is taken and only ever you think you are getting “ripped off”.

Most of the time people use the word “scam” do not understand the simple principles of how to make money online. The worst case scenario is to identify and perhaps pay for a legitimate opportunity and because they do not make any money in the first few months chalk down immediately as a scam.

It’s not something that everyone needs to know before even looking for an opportunity that may be a good fit. You are guaranteed to fail if you are not able to understand the fundamentals that leads to success. No matter if you look at the world of business or sport, people who stand out from all the others do exactly the same to achieve success and there is a price to pay.

I have studied many people around the world of business and sport and is not a very common theme. It may be hard to believe but a lot of the time, these people had no talent at all. Their “secret” was simply tried harder than others.

There are hundreds of examples of this to be the most famous of the likes of Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Michael Jordan, Elon Musk.

Basically, in a nutshell, when everyone went home, they were left to hone their craft. It’s all what they did and everything you never thought of.

Here, in a nutshell, absolutely free is what you need to bring to the table if you want to make money online:

“The dedication, hard work and an unwavering commitment to doing the things you want to see happen”

If you can do that, then you will have a monumental advantage over the vast majority of people and realize that their dreams of financial freedom.

There are a number of legitimate opportunities out there – you just have to find them. The secret is to find a program that has great upside and as close to zero as you can find inconvenient.

Research the options and weigh the pros and cons. As a general rule, you should avoid paying money upfront, followed by higher then the monthly fee deeper down the rabbit hole you get the asking. Alarm bells should sound if you have to start paying thousands or even anything close to that before you start to get some results.

Both Xprexity University Affiliate and six figure mentors provide educational materials and provide platforms for you to create your own online business.

The training provided is focused on a business model well-established line known as affiliate marketing. If this is not something that you are familiar with then you can see a full explanation in this post on how to start in affiliate marketing.

Before you start thinking that affiliate marketing is a kind of shadow or practice of a scam, Amazon has the world’s largest affiliate program where Amazon will pay you to refer others to Amazon. You can see exactly how it works in this post about how to make money with Amazon.

What do you get with Xprexity University Affiliate and six Figure Mentors?
Normally there would be an explanation of what you get before you get to know what it costs. This is a simple technique of sales and the reason many money making videos on You Tube are filmed mostly on a beach or in an expensive house or next to a supercar. Without even talking to are saying this it is what you get.

In this case I will tell you first what you pay at each level of each program and then we can find in each level.

With Six Figure Mentors there are multiple levels and the cost increases dramatically with each level.

To enter the front door and get access to the program you need to pay $ 297 and then $ 97 per month. They call the $ 97 per month level “key member” and then the next level is “Elite” which costs $ 2500 per year and $ 97 per month, which is $ 305 per month each month if you want to be Elite.

Xprexity University Affiliate membership with startup costs nothing. Zero. So you get to see exactly what they have to offer and what the training program is. You can boot remain a member as long as you want without having to pay anything. You can even have access to free website tools, courses and videos for free.

After gaining access to the entire program you will have access to absolutely everything during the first month for $ 105 a month You get to try everything to see if you like, for the price of a pizza. If you like what you see, then you can continue your $105 per month or $500 per 6 months or $1000 per year.

So Six Figure Mentors package essential entry level is $ 1461 for the year and Xprexity University Affiliate is 1000 USD per year.

The minimum set of six Figure Mentors costs more than the annual amount of Xprexity University Affiliate costs.

SFM is better than Xprexity University Affiliate?
Xprexity University Affiliate

Both companies offer a comprehensive training program on how to create a web site and the process has to go through in order to obtain economic benefits. But Xprexity University Affiliate gives you all necessary tools needed to get this done and step by step guide.

Get your website up and running is all done within a few clicks and then that’s where the work begins.

Both sites teach affiliate marketing and this is the process used to make money from your website.

This is where both companies begin to diverge. Xprexity University Affiliate focuses more on creating content on your website to attract visitors who will then be helped by their content and click through other websites and that ultimately is the way to make money.

Xprexity University Affiliate prefer you to create a website that promotes your affiliate program as this will ultimately get more members, but certainly, do not have to and also have a lot of training materials on different methods of promotion wealthy Affiliate.

If you are interested in understanding the program in detail you can find my full review of Xprexity University Affiliate here. It is not a sales pitch. It tells you exactly how it is. It is a tried, tested and proven method for making money online, but the story as it is not the world of dreams that people want to hear.

Xprexity University Affiliate tutorials provide step by step video and a huge community that can turn for help and advice, including many members who make once full of doing exactly what they teach.

I remember what I said earlier about making sure you look at the opportunity before committing to it? With Xprexity University Affiliate you can do that for free. The risk to you is zero. You do not pay. If you can not lose anything, then you might also TAKE A LOOK

Xprexity University Affiliate not provide a phone number or have any personal support but through any human contact. You have the ability through personal messaging system to advise contact any member and technical support for your website answer almost all inquiries within 20 minutes.

If they were to offer telephone support and personal tutoring, then your training program would cost much more than the price of a couple of pizzas per month.

It is known yourself if you are self-motivated to follow a step-by-step click-click series of video tutorials online messaging support or need physical human intervention.

Six Figure Mentors

There are some subtle differences with SFM. They are much more focused on promoting their own affiliate program than other methods of affiliate marketing. It is recommended to promote SFM and are rewarded accordingly. Nothing wrong with that. You buy into a program that you believe in and recommend others to do the same.

Remember that you have to pay $ 1461 for first year members and during the course of that year strongly recommend upgrading to Elite membership at a cost of $ 2500 per year is recommended.

Now here’s the thing I do not like. All you need to create and run a successful online business is included in the essential composition why should always consider upgrading to the elite. Elite is not given any more value and $ 2500 is a lot of money.

Taking Elite upgrade allows you to get a higher commission of any member you recommend that they will become a member of the elite. And that to me is the issue with MFS. For $ 2,500 extras you need to be getting a lot of added value and do not get anything. It’s really that simple.

SFM give you a “Consultant SFM business” that will help guide you through the process, but why are they working for MFS and not running your own online business themselves using the business model SFM ? If I’m paying that kind of money I want to be guided and mentored by someone who has already successfully implemented the program and is making a lot of money from it, not someone who just works in the office.

SFM also have a much more aggressive approach to marketing that follows the theme of “change downtime for money and achieve financial freedom”

You can see members of all MFS using this tag line paid by You Tube Videos. You know that they are all promoting SFM because they all use the same words “stop trading time for money ‘. Some are jumping out of a plane and diving to show you life can be achieved.

And all this is possible, but only for a small fraction of people. Are you outgoing extrovert that can record a series of videos and create a marketing campaign You Tube you have to commit thousands before they can or can not see any results? Do you even have thousands available to commit to the cause?

If you have ten grand available (at least) and can create videos and can create strong marketing campaigns online, then SFM might work for you. He is wanted in the Elite category, so if you want to go this way at $ 2500 per year and $ 97 per month.

Despite what others may say or think SFM is not a “scam” is only a model that is necessary to fully understand and enter with wide eyes. Only you are going to work for a select group of people who have a large budget from the start.

If you want to develop your online business slowly and surely with a total risk of $ 349 a year and not a penny more than the road it is clear.

What in the world can be configured and set up a business for a year for $ 349?

Even if you do not have $ 349 you can create a boot membership for zero and then try the whole thing for a month with full access for $ 19, which I think is pretty close to zero.

You will never be asked to upgrade to “Elite” or something like that, and there is never any obligation to continue beyond the month in which you paid.

If you want to promote SFM and has a starting jackpot ten thousand dollars at least, then consider SFM. If you want to start without risking anything then Wealthy Affiliate is a no brainer.

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